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Integral Psychoanalysis (Analytical Trilogy) is a theoretical body and scientific method related to the prevention and treatment of psychic (neurosis and psychosis), social and psychosomatic illnesses that was developed by the psychoanalyst, philosopher and social scientist Norberto R. Keppe.

Keppe developed his interdisciplinary science based on his in-depth clinical experience and studies in the field of psychopathology, psychoanalysis (main German Schools), social science, philosophy and theology.

Analytical Trilogy is also destined to developing the human being’s sanity and capacity of accomplishments, through the use of the Keppean dialectic method of interiorization, which promotes conscientization of the more profound causes of blockages, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, difficulty with relationships, stress, and chemical substance addiction, among others.  

Keppe´s method does not prescribe medication or the need to psychiatric hospitalization.

Clinical care at ISAT

• To whom this can be applied: Consultations at our clinics are destined to adults, teenagers and children and accomplished by trained psychoanalysts in the Trilogical method at the ISAT.

• Timetable Individual and group psychoanalysis sessions take place in the every morning, afternoon and night from Monday through to Saturday.