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Norberto Keppe, Cláudia Pacheco and Analytical Trilogy


“Norberto Keppe regularly frequented my conferences, and between October 1958 and May 1960, he acquired considerable knowledge in the field of psychotherapy in general and specially in logo therapy. Through his very charitable character, modesty and manners, his vivid interest and intelligent understanding of the subject, he is well liked by his peers and will always be most welcome in our circles.” Dr. Viktor E. Frankl, 14/5/1960, Director of the Neurological Policlinic of Vienna.

“Norberto da Rocha Keppe was a practicing psychologist between May 1958 and May 1960 at the Psychological Laboratory at the Clinic of Neuropsychiatry at the University. He participated in weekly conferences on psychiatry, at which clinical psychiatric issues were presented and discusses. We know Dr. Keppe as a psychologist with multi-interests, whose attitude and scientific opinion we excessively appreciate. Dr. Thaddaus Kohlmann, 14/5/1960, Director of the Psychological Laboratory at the Clinic of  Neuropsychiatry at the University of Vienna, Direction: Prof. Dr. Hans Hoff

“It is very difficult to do justice to a thinker of Keppe´s caliber in a short summary, considering the profundity, complexity and width of the authors capacity of thought. Even so, it is a great honor to be invited to present the ideas of a respected and genial collaborator of the intellectual treasure of civilization. The task is a challenge”. Professor Joseph Ghougassian; Ph.D., Founder  and the First President of the World Congress on Logo Therapy,  San Diego, California, July 5th, 1982 – Summary of “The Glorification”, a book written by Keppe, in the English edition.
“Dear Dr. Keppe: I have read the summary of your book, “Analytical Trilogy or Integral Psychoanalysis. I am sure that it will not only be valuable for the profession, but it is comforting, humane and a wonderful read”. Ernst J. Nackord, Jr. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., College San Francisco, California

“I would like to thank you for your contribution to our University Preparation program, during the three sessions headed by Dr. Keppe and Dr. Claudia. Your presentation, ‘Consciousness of One’s Mistakes’, has proved a valuable tool in helping our students to deal with their attitudes and values in relation to their development at school and goals in relation to their future careers”.
Roberta B. Vogel, Ph.D.,
Director of Colégio de Staten Island, of the University of the City of New York  nao esta muito claro????


“In Trilogical Analytical literature, one can find a number of concepts that have daunted me for years and of which, one can await – with all certainty, for your innovations in terms of understanding man and his universal comprehension. In terms of philosophy and broaching the questioning of ideologies, it is up to integral psychoanalysis to take on the all important task of freeing human consciousness from fantasies and imaginations, to attain a real global perception of who Man is, thus revealing, Man’s legitimate roots and origin.” Prof. Dr. Heinrich Beck, Head of Philosophy at the University of Bamberg, Germany


“I was lucky to personally meet Keppe when I recently traveled to participate in the ‘4th Inter-American Lecture on Philosophy in São Paulo, Brazil. Dr. Keppe rose to the occasion by delivering a phenomenal lecture, inviting us to later visit him, so that we could observe a session of group therapy which he mentions in his book. <<I also had the honor and immense satisfaction of seeing him working during a session. I did not only observe at a theoretical level but was able to verify the practical efficiency of the method."
Augustin Basave, Dean of the University of Regiomontana of Monterrey (Mexico), ex-director of the International University of Dallas, Texas, author of 24 books that have been translated into a number of languages. He is also a doctor of Philosophy and Law (at a presentation of Keppe´s to professors and psychology students, on the occasion of his conference in that university)


“Keppe´s methodology is a breath of fresh air for European psychoanalytical science. In April of 1981, while Keppe was participating in a conference in Stockholm, Antonio Mercúrio, head of the University of Sofia in Rome told Joao Lins de Alguquerque, a correspondent of the magazine Visão in Sweden that, “Keppe´s methodology not only represents a breath of fresh air for European psychoanalytical science, as it opens new paths towards a more versatile understanding of inter relationships between science, philosophy and religion.”

“The psychoanalytical synthesis created by Keppe –declared the psychoanalyst Svend Roepstorf to the magazine ‘Visão’, can only be compared to Erich Fromm, to whom man is an open being who lives beyond his biological conditioning.”
(Visão Magazine, 28/11/83, article “A Reviser of Therapies”, written by the scientific editor of the magazine, Silvio Raimundo).


“My appreciation for what you and your group of Integral Psychoanalysis have done...”
“Prof. Dr. Norberto Keppe, I would like to express my appreciation for everything that you and your group at the Society of Psychoanalysis have done during the Congress. I have heard a lot of participants at the Congress say how impressed they were with you and your collaborators.”
Dr. Joseph Fabry, Executive Director of the Institute of Logo Therapy of California at the 1st. World Congress on Logo Therapy in San Diego, California, 1980

“Mr. Norberto Keppe: meeting you at the 2nd World Congress of Logo Therapy in Hartford was a powerful and very moving encounter. I am pleasantly surprised with the high level of dimensions of human consciousness in your work. I am very grateful for the results that you have achieved through your method. I would like to be an associate member of your society. Would you be interested in visiting Canada to do a seminar with us? Again, my most profound gratitude to Norberto, Claudia, Marc André, Suely and their translator who brought an enormous contribution to our encounter at Hartford.”
Jacques Lalanne, President of Actualisation idh, Inc., Institute of Human Development, Quebec e Montreal, Canada


“I am a psychologist working in a health center in Sweden and I am also a writer, and the reason for my letter is because I am writing a book * and would like to dedicate the second half of it to describing and making your method of treating patients known. The book will be published in the Spring of 1986 and will be distributed throughout Sweden.”
Joahn Wretman, Psychologist and writer, from Tallmogarden, Stockholm, Sweden
(*) P.S.: The book called “Open Your Window” was published and divulged all over Sweden.


“Prof. Norberto R. Keppe: Mrs. Riitta Wahlstrom informed us of your next visit to Helsinki on March 24th (1981). We are thrilled with this opportunity to welcome you at the Department of Applied Psychology and to hear your lecture on the subject of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.
Risto Vuorinen, Department of Psychology (Applied Psychology) University of Helsinki, Finland.


“Keppe will be officially invited by the Institute in Spain”.
“Mrs. Cláudia Pacheco: In a letter  written by the ‘Instituto de Cooperação Iberoamericana’ to the Consul General of Spain in São Paulo, they showed their interest in your visit and the lectures that you intend to give in Spain, on which occasion, Dr. Keppe will be officially invited by the Institute, while he stays in Spain”.
Jesús Poblacion Vice-Consul, General Consulate of Spain in São Paulo


“We feel honored with his collaboration, given his widespread professional, scientific and  academic work, and must mention his work rouses a lot of interest among psychiatrists and psychologists of the area’.

Dr. Diego E. Block, President of the ‘Sociedade Argentina Assessora da Saúde Mental’