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Trilogical Psychosomatics (Integral)


A new scientific field – that of Consciousness

Trilogical Psychosomatic Therapy is a new scientific field developed by the psychoanalyst Norberto Keppe which has proportioned a new dimension in terms of prevention and treatment of psychic and organic disorders.

And it is through the energetic factors obtained through conscientization in psychotherapy or social therapy, that the most diverse forms of illnesses are cured. This is accomplished through the use of the most powerful energetic instrument of cure – consciousness that is within the human being’s interior.

In the same way a doctor uses medications and surgery, an acupuncturist uses needles, the homeopath manipulates certain substances, the reflexologist uses his hands on specific parts of the human body, the psychosomatic therapist uses conscientization of psycho-socio-pathology to treat his patients.
Based on wide scale proven results, and having been tested by professionals from a number of countries, consciousness has proved to be the most efficient instrument in the prevention and cure of a great many illnesses.

The Keppean Method

With its roots in psychoanalysis, in metaphysics and in New Physics, Keppean psychosomatics studies the soul and the body in terms of an energetic and  undividable unit, and also the deep psychic origins of physical illnesses through the use of a purely psychic instrument – conscientization – as a form of treatment.

Psychosomatic Therapy does not use medications (much less sedatives) or organic methods to intervene. This is why, it is not linked to the medical field and other complementary therapies, nevertheless, this does not mean that Psychosomatic Therapy doesn’t cooperate with these other existing disciplines for the greater benefit of its patients.

From 1965  until 1976 – Norberto Keppe directed the study group of Psychosomatic Medicine founded by Professor Edmund Vasconcelos at the Second Chirurgic Clinic of Hospital das Clinicas , University of São Paulo.


Psychosomatic Dentistry

Since 1982, dentists Marcia Sgrinhelli and Heloisa Segurado have developed Trilogical Dentistry which recognizes the importance of emotional factors linked to mouth disorders and apply integral psychosomatic treatment with their patients.  
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